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Teaching & Workshops

Teaching and workshops by Andrea Coleman of Artfelt

I am available to teach a varied programme of private felt making classes to small groups covering all aspects of felting and felt making. They include introductory courses aimed at the beginner where the basics of felt making, the processes and materials used are fully explained and demonstrated with plenty of hands-on practice. I also offer talks and presentations on felt making.
I welcome visits to schools and can offer a tailor-made experience to young students.

All of my felt making workshops are very hands-on with much of the class time being spent actually using felting materials to create unique and beautiful pieces of art, jewellery and fashion garments.

Felted pictures are a very popular workshop, where I use upcyled textiles creating interesting textures and depth. Felt is very effective in making landscapes, still life and abstracts.
I will help you to understand and use felt in many creative projects and offers classes using beautiful Nuno felt. Nuno felt is produced by using a fine woven cloth, usually silk, and applying it to the wool fibres. As the wetted wool shrinks it takes the cloth with it, resulting in a crinkle effect. The name is derived from the Japanese word “nuno” meaning cloth.

Felt can also be moulded during the felt making process to create three dimensional shapes, forms and models such as hats, wristwarmers, flowers, decorations and toys. My felting workshops are a great start for anyone interested in felt making and are suitable for all skills levels.

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